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The Coalition for an Effective African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Coalition) envisages a continent where victims of human rights violations have access to justice.



The Coalition’s mission is to ensure that the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights is effective, accessible and credible through training, education, information documentation and dissemination, research, advocacy, lobbying and networking.

The Coalition believes in access to justice for all, particularly individuals and an independent judicial body.

In light of the complimentary relationship between the African Commission on Human and Peoples’Rights (the African Commission) and the African Court, the Coalition aims to ensure that the African Commission is strengthened.



Promote the ratification of texts relating to the African Court by all member states of the AU;

Promote the rights of individuals and organisations to refer matters directly to the African Court by encouraging states to make the declaration as stipulated in Article 34(6) of the protocol creating the African Court; and similar provisions in the single legal instrument establishing the African Court of Justice and Human Rights;

Advocate for an independent and credible African Court including a transparent process for the nomination and election of judges to the African Court, which guarantees an equitable representation of the African judicial systems and gender parity in the nomination and election of judges; and

Provide technical support for entities wishing to make use of the African Court to protect human and peoples’ rights.

Contribute to the strengthening of the human rights system.



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